Digital Audio Recording wristband (Black)

Dedatre Digital Audio Recording wristband (Black)

Recording wristband

Simple Design: Wristband style recorder with date and time display function, built-in 8gb memory support 20 hours continue audio recording, recording any wonderful moments or powerful evidence

High-Quality Recording: The voice recorder records at 192kbps, Recording Effective Distance captures up to 20 ~ 50 ft, with noise reduction and captures clean audio

Voice Activated Recorder: It recorder will automatically start recording when sound is detected, Avoid recording invalid audio,save power and storage

One Button Operation--Digital sound wristband recorder just one button allows you to start/stop recording voice, don't miss every wonderful exchange

Compatible & 160mAh Battery: Compatible with PC or Mac (Note: Mac users need VLC Media Player), and 160mAh Battery support 20 hours continued audio recording, satisfy the everyday use

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Wearable Recorder,t his amazing tiny device will completely change your life and your ability to capture ideas as they come to you, capture conversations, meetings, course, interviews, doctors, discussions, verbal business agreements or any other audio record you need

emory: 8GB (Note:Please select FAT32 system when formatting the recorder)
Dimension: 200mm x 25mm x 14mm
Battery Recording time: About 20 hours
Recording Formats: WAV
Voice Activated: Yes
Time Dislpay: Yes
Date and Time Stamp: Yes
Battery: Li-ion battery 160maH
Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/Win 7/8/Lunix OS / MAC OS
Recording Bitrate: 128K bps
USB Port: USB 2.0
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
Max Audio Output Power: 5mW
Working Temperature: 0 ~ 40oC

<b>Package Included:</b><br />
1 X wristband Recorder<br />
1 X USB Cable<br />
1 X User Guide<br /><br />

Note: Please Read The User's Guide Carefully Before Using The Product.

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