HD 1080P Wifi Hidden Camera Bluetooth Speaker Camera Spy Detector Mini Video Recorder Wireless Music Player

HD 1080P Wifi Hidden Camera Bluetooth Speaker Camera Spy Detector Mini Video Recorder Wireless Music Player


HD 1080: This camera with high definition 1080P can take high-quality video and photos,easy to carry,Included 2000 mAh rechargeable battery.

Wifi Connection:Only support 2.4G home Wifi connection, supports real-time video remote view by Smartphone free APP( ios or android )No matter where you are.supports view 4 videos in one app at the same time

Motion Detection: When motion is detected, the camera will start recording automatically.

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Camera:It is not only a covert spy camera, also a music player.

Night Vision Function: See clearly in the dark - Night vision lets you detect what’s happening around the Bluetooth speaker.

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This product is a HD (1080P),25pfs, network surveillance bloothspeaker  camera with an external micro SD card and a multi-functional high-tech product with functions of video recording, photographing, motion detection, alarm, APP real-time monitoring . It  has functions of 2 megapixel HD recording. Also support multi-language voice time reporting. It supports up to 128GB micro SD card, uninterruptible long-time work and with APP convenient control.  

Main function description

1. Administrator password setting

Open “change password” ——type in the new password——confirm the new password——save.

2.Change the password of device (original password: 8888)

Open “network setting” ——P2P setting——type in the new password——save——return to system management to reboot the device. (it can also be set remotely by APP).

3.Alarm setting

Open “alarm setting” ——start alarm setting——click IP Camera built-in——select the required sensitivity. (Option 6 is suggested)

4. SD card setting

SD card should be formatted for the first time to insert——enter in SD card setting to select the needed function before setting other functions.

5. View the content of SD card
   method 1:Plug out the card and read with a card reader.

   method 2:IE client——setting——SD card recording——SD files——select the file to download .



2.0 megapixel CMOS



Video format




View angle


Distance of motion detection shooting

6 m straight-line distance

Power supply


Continuous recording time

Long time

Compressed format


Sound recording range


Power consumption


Storage temperature


Operating temperature


Operating humidity


Type of memory card

Micro SD card

Maximum capacity of memory card


Play software


Computer operation system

Windows/Mac OS X

Mobile phone operation system


Web browser

IE7 and above,chrome,Firefox safari.etc

support limited pieces client software online at same time

Can support 4 client software online the same time



1. Remote control is not enough.

Please select the most suitable definition according to the current network environment.

2.SD card cannot save files.

SD must be formatted for first use.

3.The device cannot be connected to network.

Please select the proper connection method according to the network nature. 

4.The video in SD card cannot be played fluently on APP.

It is due to different decoding capacity of mobile phones. You can adjust the definition of recording device to fit your mobile phone.

5.The passwords are forgotten.

Directly click the restore factory settings3 for 10 seconds to restore factory settings. 


Use occasions: please strictly comply with relevant state decrees and do not use it any other illegal purposes at your own risks.

Software upgrade: to achieve better product performance, the manufacturer will make continuous improvement to the software. This product is designed for convenient software upgrade by customers. Please ask your local distributor for the information and upgrading method of latest version of software.

Working temperature: please use it under natural temperature. Do not operate it under a temperature that is not adapted for human body.

Working humidity: please use it under an environmental humidity that is suitable for human life. Do not put the product in a moist working environment since the product is not designed with waterproof function.


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